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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On 8th November 2020, the Chairman of State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) had announced the 14-days Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) effective from 9th November 2020 till 22nd November 2020 in Kuching District.

With the announcement, an SOP on inter-district travel whereby police permits are necessary for those travelling from Kuching to other districts and vice versa.

The University is very concerned on everyone’s health and safety, with this, all restricted to travel to/from Kuching or (Red Zone) and if required, you are to inform Bilik Gerakan for the reasons to travel. The Bilik Gerakan advised all students from Kuching to stay back in Sibu for the time being until the CMCO in Kuching lifted.

Students can contact Bilik Gerakan hotline at 016-4057056.  The following are some FAQ for Students’ references:


Yes. Healthy students are allowed to return to UCTS with the following conditions:
a) Students who are doing research works and need to use the laboratories.
b) Students who requires practical learning and use of special equipment in the programme.
c) Students with poor or without accessibility to the internet or environment is not conducive to implement teaching and learning online.
(Students are always advised to refer to the School (Dean or Head of Program) for further information of coming back to UCTS.)

In order to comply with JPT requirements, we would like to request your kind assistance to update the status “availability in Sibu” in OculusYES (Already in Sibu/ Enter Sibu) or NO (Not in Sibu/ Exit Sibu). If you are currently in Sibu, please update “Yes” and “No” for vice-versa.  After that, you are required to update if you exit or enter Sibu in the future including all Sibu students. 

Oculus link: click here

All international students of UCTS are advised to refer to the Centre of International Relations (CIR) for all necessary steps to return to UCTS.


a. Students are required to undergo a health screening at the main entrance of the campus. Only students who passed the health screening are allowed to enter campus or hostel.
b. Compulsory to scan QR code by using MySejahtera App upon entry.

You are not allowed to enter main campus due to security measure. Compulsory to inform Bilik Gerakan immediately and they will assist the students to seek immediate medical attention. However, the medical consultation cost shall be borne by the students.


Yes. It is mandatory to report to the Bilik Gerakan. We will assist the students to get proper medical attention. The person reporting will remain anonymous.

a) Body temperature check (Not exceeding 37.5C).
b) Always wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer (Hand sanitizer is provided around the campus including in front of the Elevator, Classroom).
c) Compulsory to wear face mask.
d) Social distancing of at least 1 meter from each other.
e) Disinfection need to be done regularly.
(For more details of SOP please refer to the Bilik Gerakan)

a) First of all, students must report to the Bilik Gerakan.
b) Bilik Gerakan will assist the students to seek immediate medical attention. However the medical expenses are to be borne by the students.
c) After receiving medical treatment, students must undergo self-quarantine in their room while waiting for swab test result.

It is a serious offence if you refused to report or to seek proper assistance, for the sake of everyone safety in UCTS, a strict disciplinary action will be taken by the Student Disciplinary Council (SDC) – For details, please refer to SDSD staff.

Disciplinary action and fines not exceeding RM100. Student Disciplinary Council (SDC) reserves the final right to decide for appropriate disciplinary action taken.

Any emergency or query, please do not hesitate to contact or email to:




0800 – 1700 hours

016-4057056  – SDSD Helpdesk

1700 – 0800 hours

Security Guard:

013 – 8062977 (Mr. Osman)

019 – 4875256 (Mr. Juti)

012 – 8909908 (Mr. Fredy)

Updated: 29.06.2021