University life is not complete without joining any club or society event.  Others than attending lecturers, there are more activities conducted by club in university.

By joining a club, you will learn more about yourself, develop soft skills and team works with others, gain leadership skills and make new friends. There are so many ways that clubs can build a student into a good personality & self-organized person. So what are you waiting for? Come and let’s be a part of club.


There are 4 clubs under academic as follow:

UCTS Innovation Club

UCTS Innovation club is the club mainly focusing on the creation and giving the ideas for the product that wanted to be create. The club also to create the spark of innovation in the students’ mind so that they can see the existing problems that need to be solved. The club also focusing the value of entrepreneurship. The innovation club encourage students to come up with ideas which have the commercial value and able to connect them to experts for mentoring. Project making, inspirational ideas and fun events are part of the club event schedule. The club also aim to continuously to follow on the mission and the vision of the club and the university that relate with the development of student and potential among the students.


To give the student to take opportunities show their ideas and giving the chance for them to make it into reality.


Innovations and creation that can move toward future where can gain ideas and solution solving.

Architecture Student Club

Architecture Student Club (ASC) is introduced as a platform for students to sharpen their creativity in arts and problem solving besides having the opportunity to bond with other students. ASC aims to encourage students to spend their leisure time in doing outdoor activities after spending countless hours working in a stressful classroom environment. In this club, students are taught the basic knowledge and skills of arts, design and architecture regardless of their education background.


To provide a learning environment that will help in students’ creativity development as well as their soft skills. 


To empower students to obtain and value knowledge and skills that will support them as life-long learners. 


UCTS Accounting Society Club

The establishment of this club could seeing itself as an instrument for students themselves to use to extend their thirst for knowledge and experience beyond the lecture halls. It is a platform that functions to bring eager students closer to their dreams beyond university through events and activities that serves specific purposes. It also provides a platform for students to broaden their knowledge and interests in Accounting and related fields whilst interact with other students through academic and co-curriculum activities. Thus, the establishment of the UAS would be able to become catalyst in attracting potential and future students to join UCTS.


To promote interest in the accounting profession as a career, educate students about the various career paths available to accountants and to provide opportunities for members to interact with other accounting students, faculty and leaders in the business community.


UCTS Accounting Society aims to achieve recognition, on its ability to produce innovative, resourceful and highly competent future accountant who possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and have the passion to excel and succeed in their studies for their future careers.

AD'Marketers Army Club

This club is a great opportunity to the student’s community for encouraging industrial participation and to enhance potential knowledge, skills ability, behavior, culture, attitude, and leadership effectively and efficiency to spread out marketing experience and ideas. as well. 


Our focus is to provide the knowledge, skills and enhancement needed to become leaders in the field of marketing and to develop and prepare club members for marketing careers. 


To enhance and empower the students that transforms ideas into action, capabilities into successful and dreams into reality.