University life is not complete without joining any club or society event.  Others than attending lecturers, there are more activities conducted by club in university.

By joining a club, you will learn more about yourself, develop soft skills and team works with others, gain leadership skills and make new friends. There are so many ways that clubs can build a student into a good personality & self-organized person. So what are you waiting for? Come and let’s be a part of club.


There are 5 clubs under religion as follow:

UCTS Campus Fellowship

We must serve our Lord whole heartedly and preach His good news to all the student in our campus.


Grow together in Christ, live in harmony with each other, understand and support each other, live up to the expectation of the Lord.


We should stay united, in love and motivation.


Permai Club

Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam (PERMAI) club was established in February 2015. PERMAI is a religious club for muslim students in the University College of Technology Sarawak. The objective of this club is to take care of the students’ welfares either in academic or religious purposes


 To serve the needs of the community with excellence and in accordance with Al Quran and As Sunnah.


To establish PERMAI as a multi-ethic and vibrant Islamic center that caters to the religious, educational, and social needs of the Muslim communities of University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS).

Buddhist Fellowship Youths

There is a lotus flower in the centre of the logo which symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Besides that, the open hands represent the teachings of Buddha and the vast knowledge of the world. In addition to that, pink color represents inner peace, harmony, and universal love of oneself and of others. Meanwhile, the green color expresses the color of life, nature, renewal, and energy. Last but not least, the circle of the logo brings the idea of cycles or eternity to show unity and completeness.


To share happiness among our members and friends. To promote dharma in a way that is creative and suitable to younger generations. To encourage the number of active members by strengthening the sense of belonging among the members towards Buddhist society.


To instil and enhance the knowledge on Buddhism among members. To encourage friendship and understanding among members. To realize the benefit of dharma.


Youth Growth Club (YGC)

As a Youth Campus Ministry in University College of Technology Sarawak, Youth Growth Club (YGC) will ensure to always focus on the welfare of UCTS Catholic students throughout their university life. Besides, YGC also focusing on the proposed club’s activities or event that prepared based on club’s mission, vision and objectives.


To be one of Sibu’s Catholic Campus Ministry.


Taking care on the welfare of UCTS Catholic students.

UCTS Life Club

Blue – Heavenly

Wheat – Resurrection (Life)


To know the truth in Bible. To present the truth in the Bible by Presentation, Public Speaking and Sharing.


To know the meaning of human living/life. To experience the campus living/life. To grow in Christian’s Life.