1. The Scholarships & Loans Unit administers issues regarding the welfare and finances of students in obtaining loans/scholarships or other assistance so that students are able to continue their studies despite economic burdens.
  2. The unit also aids students in dealing with documents regarding loans/sponsorships or aid in ensuring the process in completing related dealings is carried out with more ease and completeness.
  3. In emergency issues and in seeking to lighten the burden carried by students as best as possible, the unit administers students’ welfares.
  4. The Scholarships & Loans Unit is responsible for managing financial dealings that cover scholarships, loans, financial aid and student welfare and is offered by government, private, statutory body agencies to students.
Yayasan Sarawak invite candidates who are qualified and potential to apply for the scholarship of:
1) Biasiswa Yayasan Sarawak Tun Taib (STEM Programme: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

2) Yayasan Biasiswa Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman (NON-STEM Programme)

Minimum requirement:

1) Achieve excellent academic achievement at least Grade B and above on each subject at the STPM level, OR

2) Achieve CGPA 3.00 and above for graduates Certificate / Diploma / Matriculation / A-Level and its equivalent.
Please find the attachment for further information or website: